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Get a new passport in UK with the stepwise complete procedure guide to apply – Fresh application of British Passport online | European Union Registration of passport for United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

British Passports can be issued to people holding the various forms of British nationality. This is also used as evidence of the holders nationality/immigration status with the United Kingdom. Using this passport one can travel to more than 174 territories making this passport one of the best passports in the world, because of the no-visa entry this can afford you. All British passports have written on them, “in the Name of Her Majesty” which means that the reigning monarch doesn’t require a passport.  
UK Passport

You are eligible for a British Passport of you are a part of these categories:

  1. British Citizens (GBR)
  2. British Overseas Territories Citizens (GBD)
  3. British Overseas Citizens (GBO)
  4. British Subjects (GBS)
  5. British Protected Citizens  (GBP)
  6. British Nationals (Overseas) (GBN)

Having a British nationality, doesn’t guarantee that you will hold a British Passport. You may not hold a new passport or may have to surrender your passport if you fall under these conditions/circumstances:

  1. You are suspected of a serious crime and an arrest warrant has been issued
  2. A court order has been issued to stop you from holding a passport or restrictions have been laid on your travel.
  3. You are on bail or conditions of your bail mean that you can’t leave the country
  4. You have been brought back to the United Kingdom on the government’s expense and you haven’t repaid what you owe.
  5. The European Union or the United Nations have restricted your travels.
Getting a new adult British passport normally takes 6 weeks, but it isn’t an easy process as you have to have an interview before you can get said passport. Getting a passport isn’t cheap and can cost you approximately £ 72.50 – £ 95.25 depending on the method that you apply with. This payment can also be payable by a cheque or a postal order made out to “Her Majesty’s Passport Office”.  The most important thing to remember is that you must send original documents along with Xerox copies of all your documents for verification. They will post it back to you as soon as soon as the postal office is done with it. The documents that you must send depend on the circumstances that you have.

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New British Passport

Documents Required to apply for a new Passport in UK:

  1. If you are born or adopted in the UK before 1st January 1983, then you must send your birth or adoption certificate.
  2. If you are born or adopted in the UK after 1st January 1983, then you must sent your birth or adoption certificate as well as your parents UK birth certificate, Home office certificate of registration/naturalization  or their British passports
  3. If you send documents related to your father, you must send your parents marriage certificate. If you were adopted or born after 1st July 2006 and your parents are of the same-sex.
  4. If you were born outside the UK, then you must send your naturalization or your registration certificate and the passport that you used to enter the country.
  5. If you are a citizen of a British Overseas territory and were born before 1st January 1983, then you must send your birth certificate, your current passport, and the passport that you used to enter the country.
  6. If you are born before 1st January 1983 and your father was born in the UK, then you must send your birth certificate showing your parent’s details, your fathers birth certificate, your parents marriage certificate and the passport that you used to enter the country.
  7. If you are born on or after 1st January 1983, then you must send your full birth certificate, the passport that you used to enter the country. This is important to know that you should send evidence of your parents British Nationality.
United Kingdom Passport Application
After submitting these documents, the you have to go through an intensive interview process and of all that is in order, then you will be able to get a new passport.

Sometime happen at the time of filling the form, people applicant may entered the wrong details related to name and address etc due to which they face issue further while applying for a VISA or using it as an identity and address proof. Also it happens that the passport holder migrate from a address to another and a girl get married to someone and her surname changes. In all these kind of circumstances, it become necessary for the holder to change his/ her details on the passport and for the same we have a detached post on this site which will help you in updation: Change Name, Address and Other Details on Passport.

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