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Get your passport renewed in Australia with the stepwise complete details to renew passport – Australian passport renewal online

An Australian Passport is a travel document that is issued by the government to give you the right to travel abroad for business or personal reasons. This document also serves as proof of citizenship for the holder of the document. This document is also issued by the Australian Passport Office and along with the Australian Postal Service serving as an arm of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade makes it the issuing authority for the Australian Passports. 

You can hold multiple passports from different counties, a rule has been made making it mandatory to use your Australian Passport to enter and leave the country. The Australian Passport office has come out with an e-passport with biometrics and a chip inside the passport to make immigration simpler for the common man. The country has introduced the new Smart Gates at their terminals which have been equipped with card reader to read the chips and facial recognition to confirm the details on the passport.
Australian Passport Renewal

Australian Passport Renewal Process

You can renew your passport any one of the 1700 participating Post Offices. You need to apply for a renewal form if you are an Australian Citizen and are 18 years and older. You still need to fulfill a few requirements such as having an adult passport that was valid for more than two years when issued, and was issued after 1/7/200 and was issued in your current name, date of birth and sex. You are also eligible for a renewal of you had a child passport that was valid for two years and was issued after 1/7/2005 and you were 16 years and over the time of issue. You will not be eligible for renewal if you had a child passport, your adult passport was issued before 1/7/2000 or your passport was stolen or seriously damaged.

APIS Information Guide
You first need to complete the passport renewal form online. The form needs to be in the form of a hard copy and needs to have two identical passport size photographs. Unlike when you need a new passport, you cannot get a passport renewal from the Post Office. To get your passport renewed, you will first need to attend an interview at a participating Post Office. In a majority of cases, you don’t need to have an interview for your renewal of your passport. 

Document Verification to Renew Passport in Australia

This is purely due to the lack of staffing at Post offices to conduct such interviews. The interview is pretty much painless as you have already gone through it, but you will again need to submit the same documents for them to confirm your identity. The interview is pretty much a formality and can take up to 5 minutes as they just check documents and you will have to pay the fee for processing the documents. Payments by Cash, MasterCard or Visa are all acceptable at the Post Office. The fee is exactly the same as when you are processing your passport for the first time i.e. A$ 250 for an adult for a standard size passport.

Renew your passport in australia
After a chance for all the bureaucracy to take place, the Passport will be delivered to you and you will be able to enjoy the perks of travelling abroad.

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