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How to get aadhar card status online – Check status if you have not received your aadhar card

As the Government of India is taking steps to make the use of Aadhaar card completely compulsory, there are also some cases when people do not know how to register for an Aadhaar card from different locations that is if you are away from your home-town or state.

aadhar Card Status Online

Follow the below steps and you will be able to register or apply for an Aadhaar card from different locations:

1) Either you can visit an authorised Aadhaar enrolment centre to get the application form or download an E-aadhaar card form online. This application form is free of cost.

2) There is a detailed procedure to fill up the application form which is as follows:

You can download the application form by going to the website called ““.

  • Click on ‘Form’ under which you will have many options of Aadhaar card form in English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, etc.
  • Choose the one you are comfortable with.
  • Once you have selected the form type you will come to a page which looks something like this:
  • Click on the option which says “Click here” in pink.
  • You will then receive the form in PDF file format which looks like the below as an example:
  • The (1) and the (2) option is optional. In the (3) serial number put your Full name which should match the proof of identity document that you are submitting.
  • The (4) and the (5) serial number is your Gender and Age with your date of birth. Note in case if your submitting a supporting document regarding the date of birth then tick on ‘Verified’ and if you do not have any document then tick mark on ‘declared’.
  • The (6) number asks you for your address along with the E-mail address and the mobile number being the essentials. Ensure that the mobile number that you are submitting here is/will keep working as all the aadhaar card status, security pin for online download etc will be updated to you on the same number.
  • The (7) section is optional. Incase if you are a kid below 05 years then you can provide the details of your Father, Mother or Guardian.
  • If you want the UIDAI to share your details with other Welfare services then the (8) section is for that purpose. You can tick on Yes, if you want them too or else you can tick on No.
  • The (9) section is also optional, if in case you want the UIDAI to open a new bank account and link it to your Aadhaar card you can tick mark the first option within this box, otherwise leave it unchecked. Also if you have an existing bank account and you want to link that bank account with this Aadhaar card that you are applying, then you can tick mark on the second option within the box providing the details.
  • Right under the (9) section you have a box which talks about the verification documents. This will be followed by the (10) and the (11) section.
  • Document based: If you have supporting Aadhaar card documents then you tick in this box.
  • Head of family: If you do not have your own documents but your head of the family has valid documents and you want to go with that option, then you tick mark here.
  • Introducer based: If none of the family has any documents then somebody at the center will introduce you to the Aadhaar card, that’s when you tick mark here.
  • The (10) section allows you to write about the documents that you will be submitting under various sections like (a)POI which is Proof of Identity (b)POA Proof of address (c) DOB (d) POR Proof of relationship (this is in case you have ticked on Head of the family documents).
  • For the (11) section, that is for the ‘Introducer base’ put in his aadhaar card number.
  • Right after this is the consent of signature based on the sections that you have selected for submitting the documents. And below that box you can have your signatures on the below right hand side corner which says ‘applicants signature’.

After you have reviewed the form as well as all the required documents the UIDAI will take your photo, finger-prints and iris scan. It is important to note that you would have to visit the closest enrollment center to your home as they do not provide any enrolment services online. However booking the appointment can be done online.

3) At the end of the submission you will receive an acknowledgement slip where you will also find your enrollment number.

4) After the submission the government officials will check the details of your submissions for verification. You also have the privilege of checking your status online. (The process of the same has been mentioned later in this article)

5) As the process is completed you will receive an SMS or an email regarding the issuance of your Aadhaar card. They will post also your Aadhaar card to your permanent address.
Also there might be many of you who must have heard and already enrolled for the Aadhaar card. Because the number of enrollment is enormous, the government bodies are taking major steps to provide the Aadhaar services in a cheap and efficient manner, therefore making it less time consuming. Every day we are updated by the government on the significance of Aadhaar card and also the new schemes they are providing for the benefits of the people. This is mostly being done so that each individual enjoys timely services by the government and is not exploited with the burglary of funds and public money.

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Many of you remain curious to check the status for anything that you have applied especially online.

For example: You have selected a dress on an online portal and paid the money, and supposedly there is a delay in the shipment. Won’t you remain curious to check the status?

Similarly, even for your application forms, there are procedures to check the status for different services. The best part is you don’t have to keep visiting the enrollment center time and again to know your details about your status. In case of Aadhaar there are various governmental websites which might help you to check your Aadhaar card status online. The UIDAI portal has been designated especially for you to check the status online only with a few clicks.

But since there are so many of them, that it becomes confusing at times. Here are simple steps that you can follow in order to check the status of your Aadhaar Card sitting comfortably at your home, all you need is an internet connection:

Steps to Check Aadhar Card Status Online

  • Once you have reached the above shown page you can type in your details of the ‘Enrolment number/ID’, ‘date and time’. Ensure that these details are same as the one mentioned in your acknowledgment/ enrolment confirmation slip. Mention the ‘security code’ for security purposes and click on ‘check status’.
  • As you submit the same a detailed description of your status will be generated and displayed on the screen. In case if there are any actions which need to be taken will also be displayed on the screen with the details.

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