What is the Online Aadhar Card Verification Process – UID Guidelines Detail

Get your aadhar card documents verified online to get your aadhar card soon – UIDAI Verification Process

Governance is not the easiest job in the world and the difficulty increases with the amount and diversity of the population. India (if judged by that yardstick) is a very difficult nation, strictly from a governing perspective. That is why it came as no surprise when the government decided to introduce a unique verification system for the residents of India. This new system is called the aadhar card.

Aadhar Card Verification Online Process

The central government formed an entirely new body to oversee all aadhar card related processes. This new body is called the unique identification authority of India. It is responsible for verifying all the aadhar card applicants and overseeing the whole process of issuing the cards.

Aadhar Card Application Process

To apply for an aadhar card you will first need to get an appointment with the unique identification authority of India. You can do this by going to the online aadhar card portal or the nearest aadhar card center in your area. You will have to fill out a form and list all your basic details. After that you will receive a date for your verification. You will receive an appointment slip for this purpose.
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Aadhar Card Verification Process

For the verification process, you will have to carry with you an address proof and an identity proof. If you do not get the correct copies on the day of the appointment, your application will be rejected. The online aadhar card portal has a list of documents that the Unique Identification Authority of India accepts as proof.

After your verification process is complete and all your details have been thoroughly checked, you will receive an acknowledgement slip that will have your name, registered phone number and other such basic details. Kindly keep this slip with you because it is the only thing that will help you if you misplace or lose your aadhar card in the future.

Your aadhar card will arrive in 1-2 months after your verification process. You could download an e-aadhar card using the details on your acknowledgement slip. Your e-aadhar card can also be downloaded on your mobile phone and you can use it just like you would your normal aadhar card.

The government issued aadhar cards to not only use it as a verification tool but also as a tool that extends benefits to the residents of India. The greta part about the aadhar card is that it is absolutely free of any charge and also that N.R.I’s and foreigners residing in India can get an aadhar card made for themselves.

Various Government Schemes for Aadhar Card Holders

Aadhar card holders can avail of various government schemes through their unique identity number. The government has also made it possible for the aadhar card to be linked to bank accounts. The citizens can therefore make use of the aadhar card like an A.T.M card and withdraw cash from their bank accounts using only the account number and the aadhar number or unique identity number.

Having an aadhar card is one of the best benefits of residing in India. The government has also allotted certain concessions linked to L.P.G gas through the aadhar card.

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