Procedure to [ Link Aadhar Card to DigiLcker ] under UIDAI Guidelines – Complete Information Guide

Stepwise details to link your aadhar card to digital locker – UID Officials

India is one of the major powers of the world with a population that is huge. It is also very diverse and all manner of things change according to the different states that one visits in India. Therefore it came as no surprise that the government of India had decided to introduce a verification subsystem for its people. This new verification system is called the aadhar card system.

Aadhar Card Link to Digilocker

The aadhar card: The aadhar card is based on the concept of the social security number which is used to great effect by the Unites States of America and Canada. The government has formed an entirely new body to overlook all aspects of the aadhar card. This new body is called the Unique Identification Authority of India. It answers directly to the Central government.

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Digital Locker Registration Procedure

The government also introduced the concept of the digilocker in its enthusiasm; way back in 2014. This concept involved of citizens having all their documents digitized for the sake of better and more functional governance. This locker was supposed to be linked to the aadhar card and it would then enable the citizens or aadhar card holders to store all their government related documents on a cloud storage system. The users could then access those stored documents by using their aadhar card numbers.

Register for a DigiLocker

The digital locker has become one of the projects that green lights Narendra Modi’s digital India campaign. To create a digital locker users have to create an account at the digital locker website through their aadhar cards and the unique identification number assigned to them.

The main aim of the digital locker is that the Indian citizen should be able to carry all important documents educational, medical, judicial etc. can all be accessed from anywhere in the world provided that the citizen is in possession of an internet connection. They wouldn’t need to carry all the documents physically with them.

Beta Version of DigiLocker – Aadhar Card

So far only the beta version of the digital locker is available. It has not been released in an uncontrollable environment. There are a lot of people who doubt the authenticity of such a scheme. That is why the government is moving ahead in a very cautious manner with it. Once it is satisfied with the feedback from the general public then it will fast track the implementation of the digital locker and introduced it to the citizens of India in an official manner and capacity.

So far only the government of Maharashtra has implemented a scheme called the ‘Maha Digital Locker’. The citizens of Maharashtra can that possess an aadhar card can make use of the e-locker facility by logging into

To use a digital locker you will need to submit your aadhar card number and verify the authenticity with a onetime password sent to your registered mobile number. From there you can easily select and upload the documents you want to. The only thing working against your favor is that all documents are required to stay within the limit of 10mb. Nothing exceeding that limit can be uploaded to the digital locker.

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