Procedure to Fill Aadhar Card Application Form in Gujarati – Download Online Aadhar Card Application Form in Gujarati

UIDAI process details to fill aadhar card application form in Gujarati for aadhar registration – Online Download the pdf copy Aadhar Application Form in Gujarati language

Aadhaar card is an important proof of identity for any citizen residing in India. It is one of the safest documents to carry because it has a unique identification number for each resident. Therefore there is no scope for making a duplicate one or being cheated in any manner. With the advancement in technology the Indian government has taken steps to provide almost the entire process of Aadhaar card application online. There are various Aadhaar card related websites which will help you to apply for the process for Aadhaar card easily. Although there are officially 22 recognised regional languages of India, UIDAI has managed to develop the application forms in 13 main different languages to help the Indian citizens, one of them being Gujarati.

Gujarati was the first language spoken by the “Iron man of India” himself, Mahatma Gandhi as well as Vallabhai Patel and still about 54.6 million speakers in India speak Gujarati (2011 Census). And of course our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi being from Gujarat has ensured to include an application form in Gujarati.

A simple guide that will help you to understand the procedure for applying for an Aadhaar card is as follows:

1) Applying for anything requires an application form. Same goes for Aadhaar card as well. However you have 02 options here:

Ensure that you carry your identity and address proof.
Identity proof includes: Your election photo ID card, Ration card, passport and driving license.
Address proof includes: Water/ Electricity/Telephone bills for the last 03 months.


  • You can directly apply online by visiting this link:

There is an Aadhaar card website especially for the Gujarati quota that is . This website is initiated by the Government of Gujarat.

Aadhar Official website for appointment online

2) It has all the details you need to know about Aadhaar card. In fact you can download the Gujarati enrolment form by clicking on “Enrolment form” on the extreme left side of the page.

It’s a form of 02 pages and looks something like this:

Aadhar Card Application Form in Gujarati
PDF copy of aadhar application form in Gujarati language
download Gujarati aadhar application form

3) Once you have downloaded the application form (supported by PDF format) fill it carefully and check it 2-3 times before submitting. In fact this link will help you with all the details need to know while filling the information in the form.

4) If and when you are ready to submit the Aadhaar card application form you would have to visit any enrolment centre closest to your home to submit it. This is the only step which is compulsory for you to execute because of the strict verification process that undergoes while making an Aadhaar card.

5) When you are at the enrolment centre, the government officials will scan your finger prints, will take your photo as well as do an iris scan. This is known as biometric scan. After which you will receive an acknowledgment slip with a temporary enrolment number and other details seized during enrolment. This is an important slip that you need to keep with yourselves as it would be helpful for notifying the status of your Aadhaar card and other purposes.

6) If everything that you have provided is a proper proof then there wouldn’t be any delay in the delivery. In fact the verification process would therefore go smoothly and an Aadhaar number will be generated and mailed to your address.

7) Usually the delivery time takes about 1 – 3 months depending on the verification.

Having an Aadhaar card not only serves as an identification proof but is also helpful for migrants to establish their identity. Including the resident of India, an NRI can also apply for an Aadhaar card. There are no restrictions co-related to Age, Gender, Caste, geographical location and religion while applying for the same. With the entire process now becoming online, it has impacted India economically. Therefore making it easy for the people without any hassles. The other benefits of having an Aadhaar card are that it completely fulfils the ‘Know your Customer’ requirements of different agencies. Since the entire system revolves around the biometric scan done for each individual, there are no chances of false or duplicate identities in the government records.

Application Form in Different Languages:
1) Aadhar Card application Form in English
2) Download Aadhar Card Application Form in Hindi
3) Kannada Language Aadhar Card application Form Online
4) Download Online Aadhar Card Enrolment Form in Marathi for Maharashtra
5) Tamil Aadhar Registration Form

Aadhar Card application Form in Gujarati

The entire process from A-Z that goes into applying for an Aadhaar card is free of cost. This is important to note as there might be false websites or UID centres charging for the Aadhaar Card. If you come across a case like this, either with you or with someone you know, don’t think twice to contact UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) and lodge the complaint.

There is no point in enrolling for the Aadhaar card again since there is only one Aadhaar number, so applying again would be a complete waste of time. In case if it gets lost then there are various websites by the government which will guide you step by step to make another one. But it’s better that you don’t lose one, as going through the whole procedure again and being patient for getting it on time takes it to a whole new level.

SSUP means Self Service Update Portal which you can get access online only because of the efforts put in by UIDAI. Self Service Update Portal will help you complete tasks like Applying for an Aadhaar card directly online, all you need is a good internet connection and patience. Besides the application of the Aadhaar card, you can access it online and know your status. This will help you understand how much time will the verification process take and when will it get delivered at your door step. In case of any emergencies, you can also update your Aadhaar card details without having to go to the center in the scorching heat. SSUP is no doubt a well-maintained online portal for various Aadhaar related tasks.

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