UID Aadhar Card Application Form Download – PDF Copy in universal Language

Online download the pdf copy of aadhar card application form under UIDAI guidelines – Complete information guide to fill the form

The aadhar card application form is the copy of form where you provide all your relevant information to UID with the supporting documents. The forms are available in different languages – first in universal language and another in the regional languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and Telugu etc. For applying in your local regional language, you have to fill the form in english as well. So filling the form in english is mandatory and preferable.
Aadhar Card Application Form in English

What is aadhar card? Aadhar card comprises of a six digit code that is unique to each aadhar card holding citizen. This code enables the authorities to identify the citizens and also keep track of their dealings. The aadhar card is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India. It is a specially formed government body that came into existence with the issuance of the Aadhar card. It deals with the registration and distribution process of the aadhar card.

Apply for aadhar: The Unique Identification Authority of India has come out with a process for getting an aadhar card. The first step is to get you an application form for aadhar card. This can either be got online or at the nearest aadhar card center of your area. You will have to fill out all the details listed in the form and you will be given an appointment date for your verification process that shall take place at the nearest aadhar card center.

Aadhar Card Online Application Form - PDF Copy

Aadhar Card Verification ProcessWhile filling the form you have to provide the National Population registration Registration Survey detail if applicable, full name, date of birth, age, complete address and bank account details which will be verified by UIDAI and the biometric verification takes place at the appointed center itself, you have to be physically present to get your photo id proof verification.

Your aadhar card will arrive within two months of your verification process being complete. You will get a notification on your registered mobile number regarding the same. In case you lose your slip somewhere, you can get another one printed by just mentioning your name at the appropriate place on the Aadhar card site.

Clcik here to know: Aadhar card online verification process

The steps to either get a duplicate copy of your lost Aadhar card or your lost enrolment slip are mentioned on the Aadhar card website. The website for Aadhar card is the best place to go for solving any doubts or grievances regarding the Aadhar card or any of its related processes.

The aadhar card is an invaluable document in the arsenal of the India resident. It gives the citizen certain privileges and benefits that couldn’t have been allotted with the ease that the aadhar card affords us. It can be linked to bank accounts and function like an A.T.M card. It can also give you subsides whilst buying an L.P.G cylinder. It can also be linked to all other important documents of the citizen. Therefore having an aadhar card made will guarantee better facilities for the residents of India.

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