All you need to know about ESI Hospital

ESI Hospital is a special type of hospital and the Employees’ State Insurance funds it. And you get many benefits in such kind of hospitals. Indian workers can take advantage of this scheme. It is basically a social security scheme and if you are earning 21000 per month or less, you can become a part of this scheme.

If ESIC covers you and your family, you can claim medical benefits from an ESI hospital. But you should be aware of all the rules and regulations related to it. To know them, read on.

What is an ESI Smart Card?

If an employee wants to take advantage of the ESI hospitals, he/she can make use of an ESI smart card. This is a small card containing all your details, which includes your photograph as well. If you have this card, you can go to any ESI hospital across India and avail the benefits. Your family members can also get the benefits if the need be.

One more advantage of having the ESI smart card is that the employees can view their due benefits etc. easily with the help of it.

What Benefits do the ESI Hospital Cover?

There are many benefits that an ESI Hospital covers. To start with, regular medical benefits such as primary medical care etc. are included. Not only you would get timely services but you would also get specialist facilities at ESI hospitals.

Employees will get the benefits from the ESI hospital. And along with them, their dependent family members will also get the benefits. Most of the employers have proper documentation on who are the dependents of a particular employee. And later, while claiming the benefits, these things come handy. So, always give correct information in the beginning itself.

Women workers get maternity benefits as well. So if you are a working woman reading this article, you should know your ESI hospital benefits.

Some Points to Keep in Mind

·         The ESI Corporation will manage all the funds related to ESI hospital fund. So, they decide all the rules and regulations.

·         Any corporation which has more than 10 employees should register its employees with ESIC. So, if you work in a mid-size or bigger organization, you need not worry about registering for the same.

How to Register for ESI and get ESI Hospital Benefits

Registering for ESI is a very simple process. Here are the steps for the same.

·         You are given a questionnaire. And you have to fill it with all your details. Then, submit it.

·         You will get a pin number after you submit the required documents.

·         The experts will then verify the details submitted by you.

·         After that, they will file them under the ROC.

·         Then, they will send you your documents. They would also incorporate your company.

These days, there are many online web portals where you can go and register with ESI. If you have any questions regarding the same, you can ask us in the comments section below. We would be happy to help.

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