LPG Subsidy Pahal (DBTL) scheme

LPG Subsidy Pahal (DBTL) Scheme

The new LPG Subsidy Pahal (DBTL) Scheme is a newer and possibly better version of DBTL scheme. DBTL, which means, Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG, allows the customers to claim the subsidy directly. However, it was mandatory to link the Aadhar card to be able to claim it. This caused many issues as many customers did not have Aadhar cards and they found it difficult to claim LPG Subsidy. Hence, government launched this new version of LPG Subsidy scheme.

The new name of the scheme is PAHAL (DBTL), which stands for Pratyaksh Hanstantarit Labh. In the very beginning the scheme was available only in 54 districts. But now, the scheme is active throughout the country.

What are the Objective of the LPG Subsidy Pahal (DBTL) Scheme ?

The government wants to bring transparency to the process of subsidies. So, the main objective of the the government behind the LPG Subsidy Pahal (DBTL) Scheme is to make the process transparent. This will also help to avoid leakage of the funds. The funds from Central Government will reach the customers directly.

A few other schemes are also present to enhance the savings of the poor people.

What are features of LPG Subsidy Pahal (DBTL) Scheme ?

  1. The customers of LPG can get the LPG subsidies directly into their bank account.
  2. No matter you link your Aadhar card to the account or you don’t, you are entitled to claim the Subsidy.
  3. When customers will join the scheme, they will get permanent advance. This means that the bank account will receive the subsidy as soon as they book their LPG cylinder.
  4. The customers who will join this Pradhan Mantri Yojana will get the Subsidy cash deposited to their bank account directly. Hence, the government will refer such customers as “Cash Transfer Complaint” or CTC in short.
  5. The customers who were a part of the Pahal (DBTL) Scheme launched by the government earlier, and who had linked their Aadhar cards to their bank accounts, will continue to receive the Subsidy same way. They cannot take down their Aadhar information and join the newer version of the scheme.

What are the benefits of the LPG Subsidy Pahal (DBTL) Scheme?

  1. The government aims to prevent unauthorized sale of LPG cylinders with the help of this scheme.
  2. One person cannot take multiple gas connections and hence, government will not have to pay multiple subsidies.
  3. Customers will receive the LPG gas cylinders at one fixed price. And hence, oil and gas companies will build good customers relations will them.
  4. Customers will not need to stand in long queues. They can just make an advance booking and wait till the cylinder comes to them at a fixed price.
  5. The process of getting the subsidy is much easier with this new scheme. As soon as a customer will make an advance booking for next cylinder, he will get advance cash Subsidy.
  6. No delay will happen in transferring the subsidies. So, the trust of the customers will remain intact.

What is the One Time Permanent Advance?

LPG Subsidy Pahal

The customers who join the LPG Subsidy Pahal (DBTL) Scheme will get a onetime permanent advance. For the customers of first 54 districts in which the scheme was launched, this permanent advance was Rs. 568.

  1. The customers can keep this advance with them till they continue with the LPG gas connection. When the customer chooses to terminate his/her connection, the parties can adjust the advance.
  2. This permanent advance will change as per the financial year. But once fixed, it will remain fixed.
  3. This advance is only one time payable. So if a customer takes the advance once, they cannot ask for a revision of the advance in future. For example, if you got the advance in such a financial year when it was less, you cannot ask for revision in the next financial year if it is more.

How to get the LPG Subsidy under the LPG Subsidy Pahal (DBTL) scheme

First of all, you need a bank account to receive your subsidy amount. The customers can choose either the Aadhar card way or the direct way. If you have an Aadhar number, you can go for the first method. Otherwise, if you do not have an Aadhar number, there is no need to worry. You can opt for the second method.

  1. Aadhar Card Method

In this method, the person needs to link his Aadhar number with the bank account. Also, he needs to link LPG consumer number with both. And once done, he can receive the subsidy. This is the primary option available to the customers.

  1. The Direct Method

If the Aadhar card is not present, the customers can choose the direct method. In this method, they can show their bank account information or the LPG consumer number. LPG consumer number is a 17 digit unique number which you got at the time of registration. This is the secondary method to get the subsidies.

Documents required to join the LPG Subsidy Pahal (DBTL) Scheme

LPG Subsidy Pahal

Below are the necessary documents to join the scheme and collect your subsidy.

  1. Copy of Aadhar Card (Any other ID proof if Aadhar is not present).
  2. Bill of the LPG. (The blue color copy in which your LPG consumer number is there will do the job).

When can a person join the LPG Subsidy Pahal (DBTL) Scheme?

A customer has to join the scheme within 3 months of the launch. This time is known as Grace period. In these 3 months, the customers will get the LPG cylinders at subsidized prices.

In case he doesn’t join the scheme within 3 months, an extra time period of 3 months will be given to him. This time is known as Parking period. The person can join the scheme within this time, but he will have to buy the LPG cylinders at the market price during the Parking period.

If a person joins the scheme during the parking period, he can receive the onetime advance. Also, he can get the subsidies of the cylinders bought during this time. Once the parking period is over, the customers cannot get the subsidies.

Can I opt out of the LPG Subsidy Pahal (DBTL) Scheme?

Yes. It is possible to opt out of the scheme once you join it. You just need to get a subsidy surrender form, fill it with your details and submit it to your distributor.

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