PRAGATI Platform

PRAGATI Platform for Citizens

PRAGATI platform stands for Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation platform. As the name suggests, this platform will reform the grievance redressal system in India. It is a multi-purpose platform but most importantly, it will see to the problems faced by a common man.

Key Features of the PRAGATI Platform

  1. PMO team and NIC provided the design for the PRAGATI platform themselves.
  2. PRAGATI platform makes use of the latest technologies such as video conferencing, digital data management and geo spatial technology.
  3. This platform will take cooperative federalism one step forward. This is because PMO, State secretaries and Union Government secretaries will come under one umbrella with the help of PRAGATI.
  4. The platform will make it possible for the state officials to tell their problems directly to the Prime Minister. This means that if their state’s people are facing an issue, Prime Minister will try to get to it and resolve it.
  5. Earlier, we had CPGRAMS, which stands for Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System. PRGATI platform will strengthen this already existing system.

How will the PRAGATI Platform function?

PRAGATI Platform

  1. Every fourth Wednesday of the month will serve as the PRAGATI day. And on this day, Prime Minister and bureaucrats will hold a meeting. The time for the meeting is 3:30 PM.
  2. All the issues will be presented in front of the PM.
  3. The PM will then pick it up from the already existing databases and ongoing programs.
  4. 7 days before PRAGATI day, they will upload the issues to the databases so that it becomes easy on the day to pick them up.

Narendra Modi government is taking a lot of pains for the common man in India. You can also read about some other schemes related to common man.

Benefits of the PRAGATI Platform

  1. PRAGATI platform will definitely bring integration between center and state. Plus, the interaction between the parties will make it possible to address the common issues on a ground level.
  2. Along with resolving the grievances of common man, this platform also has an objective to look into progress of various programs. There are many projects which state governments have flagged. PM would directly look into those matters on the PRAGATI day and discuss what changes they want.
  3. This platform is one of a kind. Entire world is keen on India’s performance. So, it is important that we prove our country. PM said that PRAGATI platform will make it possible over time.
  4. There are a large number of problems faced by state which never reach PM. This is because the authorities do not pay attention to low level problems because they are busy addressing high level problems. PRAGATI has this advantage. No matter a grievance is big or small, the government would address it for sure.

One of the most important thing about the PRAGATI platform is that the stakeholders would actually take part in the meetings. They would be present physically and interact with each other. When issues are address in real-time, we can definitely expect better outcomes. Let us know your opinion on the platform in the comments section below. You can also write to us if you have any queries.

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