Skill India Project

Skill India Project for Youth

Skill India Project is a part of the skill development policy of Narendra Modi. He wants skilled people inside the country. And hence he has launched this mission. However, this mission is very different from the other skill missions in the country. It does not aim at any one sector. In fact, it will cover multiple skills. Read on to know more about this project.

What is the Skill India Project Aiming at?

  1. The major aim is to train the youth of the country. So they will develop the specific skills required for better job opportunities.
  2. The Skill India Project will also create better growth chances for the youth. This will make them more talented.
  3. The youth can themselves identify areas of skill development. They will create their own opportunities in the long run.
  4. The government is aiming to cover at least 50 million youth across the country by the year 2020.

Government is doing a lot of the youth of the country. There are many schemes running for the youth currently.

Key Features of the Skill India Project

  1. The Skill India Project will enhance the skills of the youth. Not only they will be able to get better jobs across the country, but they will also become better thinkers. So, we can expect trained entrepreneurs as well.
  2. Even if a particular person wants to go in a traditional skill, the project will help him/her do so. For example, a person might want to go for carpeting, blacksmithing or even welding. But they might not have the necessary skills. The Skill India Project will provide them a proper training on these skills too.
  3. There are certain areas in the country where skill development is almost zero. For example, real estate, gem industry, banking and others. Government will emphasize on these sectors.
  4. The project will provide international level training to the candidates. So, the youth can explore their talents across the globe and not just in India.
  5. This project will also cover skills such as personal development, communication skills, job skills, management skills and others. As per the age of a certain group, skills would be decided.
  6. Though it would be a classroom training, it will not be a boring one. Government is trying to include games and practical sessions in the course.

Why is the Skill India Project Required?

Skill India Project

We already have many such programs running across the country. So, why is the Skill India Project launched again? Well, I has some major differences.

  1. The Skill India Project gives equal importance to all kinds of jobs.
  2. Earlier, the responsibilities were distributed in nature. But now, one ministry has taken all responsibility. So, it will become easier to track the progress.
  3. The trainees will get certificates once they complete their skill training.

The Skill India Project will definitely enhance the confidence of Indian youth. When they go for work, they will be sure that they can handle the work given to them. This is because they will have the required skills. And in the long run, they will lead a better life.

Government thinks that it is important to inculcate the habit of good learning from the youth itself. Let us now your opinion on this subject in the comments below.

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