namami gange project

Namami Gange Project to Clean Ganga

Namami Gange Project is a project by the government of India to clean the holy river Ganga. In the past decade, there was a lot of water pollution in the river due to industrial wastes. The Namami Gange Project not only aims to stop further pollution of the river but also to clean it. Narendra Modi said that it is his destiny to serve Maa Ganga. This means that he feels privileged to serve Ganga and have a hand in cleaning it.

Key Features of the Namami Gange Project

  1. The project is set to get completed by the year 2020.
  2. It is an integrated project that will also help the population of India who is dependent on the river.
  3. Initially, the project was allocated a budget of Rs. 2037 crores.
  4. There are many industries around the river which discharge their waste into the river directly or indirectly. Under this project, government ordered 48 out of these industries to shut down.
  5. For the coming years, a total of Rs. 20000 would be spent on the project so that the river becomes clean and holy.
  6. This is not the first project to clean Ganga. Previous governments had also introduced many projects to clean the river. But most of them did not perform as expected. So, the Namami Gange Project has strict rules.
  7. The scheme will cover 47 towns in 8 states.

Benefits of the Namami Gange Project

Namami Gange Project

  1. The project will give jobs to many unemployed people. Various local people who live on the banks of the river Ganga will involve in the project and hence, they will get jobs.
  2. The livelihoods of people who are dependent on the river will see a difference.
  3. Health of the people also came in danger when the river is not clean. With the project going on, people will also have health benefits. They would not catch water related diseases.
  4. As a part of the Namami Gange Project, the banks of the river will become free of open defecation. So, the Namami Gange Project and the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan will go hand in hand in this case.

How is the government planning to Control Water Pollution?

  1. Government will apply bio-remediation techniques to treat the waste water. This way, industries will function side by side and they will not pollute the water resources.
  2. As part of Namami Gange Project, government will introduce Territorial Army Ganga Eco-Task force. This is a 4-battalion task force.
  3. For pollution control. Government is planning to follow the new PPP approach.
  4. In case sewage water inflows into the river, government will make provisions to arrest it before getting into the river.
  5. The government will also introduce various municipal sewage plants as a part of this project. This will help in treating the water beforehand.

Further, the focus of the Namami Gange Project is not only on the cleaning of the river. Prime Minister said that once the river gets clean, they will also provide regular maintenance to see the progress. Prime Minister is also taking actions so that pollution does not affect the river in future. You can let us know your opinion on the project in the comments section below.

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