Digital India Program

Digital India Program – An Initiative for Growth

Digital India Program is an initiative by the prime minister of India. And the major aim of this program is to make India digital. There are still so many people across the country who are not connected to the internet. And the prime minister wants them to get connected. But not only that, he wants them to make use of latest technologies. And hence, he has come up with this idea.

There are a large numbers of programs under the Digital India Program. So, we can say that it is basically an umbrella which holds various other smaller schemes under it. Read on know the details of the program.

What are the major Goals of the Digital India Program?

Though there is only one major aim, to bring India online, we cannot end it up like that. There is something more to it. And by making India digital, PM essentially wants to cover the following.

1.      He wants to build the digital infrastructure of the country.

2.      And also, he wants to make this infrastructure accessible. And this will make it possible for all the citizens to make use of it.

3.      Whenever the citizens want any services from government, they don’t need to stand in long queues. In fact, tey can just approach the online portals and request help.

4.      Citizens will get power in their hand. As digitalization continues, they will continue to get more power over the government. And this, in turn, is a sign of good governance.

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What are the Major Projects under the Digital India Program?

Digital India Program
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi with Shri Satya Nadella, Shri Sundar Pichai and others, at the stage for Digital India Dinner, in San Jose, California on September 26, 2015.

1.      Digital Locker System

This is an online portal which will give some online space to all the Indians. And they can store their important documents in this space. They just need to upload the documents once. And then they can access it from anywhere.

2. Platform is a web portal which enables the citizens to engage in governance. They can take part in the active discussions and be a part of the governance happening around them.

3.      Swachh Bharat Mission Mobile App

Swachh Bharat Mission is going in its full glory. And there is an app for the same. And the best part is that this app comes under Digital India Program.

4.      eSign Framework

This is a framework where citizens can use digital signatures. They just need to use their Aadhar number and create a unique digital signature. Then, if they want to sign any documents online, they can do so.

5.      Online Registration system

Gone are the days where patients had to stand in long queues in front of those big hospitals. These days, with the help of the online registration system, they can do all these things online. Not only they can register, but also check other things. For example, if their diagnostic reports are available, they can just check the status online. And then, they can collect the physical reports as per their convenience.

6.      National Scholarships Portal

There are many schemes by government for student scholarships. But generally there is a lack of aware ness. And due to this, many capable students do not get the scholarships. To avoid all those things, government has come up with the National scholarships portal. Students can log in and view the upcoming scholarships. Also, they can apply and verify their details. If the students are selected for the scholarships, the list can also be viewed in this portal.

7.      Digitize India Platform

It seems like the government is taking the Digital India Program very seriously. There is a Digitize India Platform which will facilitate digitization. All the citizens in the country will avail its services.

8.      Bharat Net

With the increasing demand for online connectivity, government has understood its need. The Bharat Net is nothing but a high speed internet connection that will connect the gram panchayats across the country. Government has plans to cover as many has 2.5 lakhs gram panchayats under the mission. And the connections will use optical fibers which give highest connection speeds.

9.      Next Generation Network

Finally, government has understood that the old exchanges need to be replaced. And hence, it has come up with the next generation networks. These will replace the old exchanges throughout the country. And these will cover all the general services such as voice and data services.

10.  BSNL Wi-Fi Networks

These days, Wi-Fi connectivity is becoming very important. Every person wants proper connectivity. And since the signals are poor, BSNL came forward to take up the deployment of Wi-Fi hotspots across the country. So, people can connect to these public hotspots to avail the government services.

Benefits of the Digital India Program

You might ask that what is the benefiting of making India digital. Well, there are a lot of them. Read on to know more.

1.      India will get a cross cutting connectivity. Whenever someone wants to convey a message to a distant friend, they would not have to wait.

2.      As per the government, we will a digital India by the end of the year 2019.

3.      As the schools and all the public places will get proper Wi-Fi hotspots, students and everyone’s life would become easy. Data connection is very important in today’s world. And if government is providing that, there is nothing better than that.

4.      When the information technology is used in right manner, we can lead in all the delivery services. For example, we will get better health and education opportunities. Also, we will improve in agriculture and banking.

5.      If a farmer needs to know about answer to a particular question, he can contact the authorities. Also, he can just search online and find answer to his queries. Same is the case will the banking and health services.

No matter you are an entrepreneur, a student, a working official or a housewife, you see the change affecting your daily life. And digital India Program is not just a program, it is a mission. And it has the power to change India drastically. So, wait for that to happen. Do your part and make the country a better place to live in. You can let us know your opinion about the program in the comments section below.

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