Smart City Mission

Smart City Mission for a Better India

Smart City Mission was started in the month of June last year. As per the first target of the scheme, government will develop 100 smart cities across India. Recently, the target of 100 is increased to 109 cities. The major aim of the mission is to include latest technology in the city’s assets. This will make the cities better to live in.

What is a Smart City?

As per the scheme, the definition of the smart city reads as, “Smart Cities are those that are able to attract investments”. However, from the view of people, this is not enough. There is more to smart cities. Below points will explain the concept in detail.

  1. There is no single definition of a smart city. But, the Smart City Mission is trying to cover many aspects under it.
  2. More than anything else, a smart city will have latest technology. Be it construction methods, or the equipment used, everything would be technically advanced. It will highly rely on latest technology.
  3. Also, the smart city will cater to the needs of the nature. The mission will not ignore the concerns of nature while planning a smart city.
  4. The cities will deploy latest digital technologies. This will improve the quality of lives and people will get healthier as well.

Key Benefits of the Smart Cities

Smart City Mission

  1. People living in the smart cities will get proper water supply.
  2. There would be proper health and education firms. And people will not have to travel far to get educated.
  3. Also, people living in smart cities will get enough electricity supply at all times. They will not suffer the issue of electricity shortage.
  4. The smart cities will have safety mechanisms for citizens. Kids and women will feel safe at all times.
  5. Proper sanitation is a major part of smart cities.
  6. The smart cities will have nature in mind. The scheme will follow nature friendly policies while planning smart cities.
  7. Governance in smart cities will also improve. A good thing about these cities is that government will ask for active people participation. Citizens make the government and smart cities are going to follow this practice.
  8. Smart cities will have superb urban transportation. People will not need to worry about getting from one place to another at all.
  9. IT connectivity and digitalization would form a major part of smart cities.
  10. After all this, it is not like the smart cities will have very expensive homes. In fact these cities will have affordable houses. Government will see to it that even poor people can afford apartments in these cities.

Key Features of the Smart City Mission

Smart City Mission

  1. The Smart City Mission will cover approx. 100 cities.
  2. Each state and Union Territory will have at least one smart city.
  3. So, we can expect the smart cities to be distributed across the country.
  4. Ministry of Urban Development is currently handling the project.
  5. Over a period of 5 years, central government will provide a total fund of Rs. 48000 crores to the mission. Each city will get Rs. 100 crore per year.

Government is also trying to converge the Smart City Mission will various other existing schemes. You can voice your opinions in the comments section below.

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