Gangajal Delivery Scheme

Gangajal Delivery Scheme

Gangajal Delivery Scheme will make it possible for Indian citizens to get Gangajal at their doorstep. Gangajal means water from the river Ganga. Indians consider Gangajal as holy water. And there are many rituals when they require Gangajal. It is not possible to get it every time they want. So, with the help of Gangajal Delivery Scheme, government is trying to make it possible for everyone to get access to Gangajal. It will be sent by India Post to the homes of people. Read on to know more about the scheme.

Key Features of the Gangajal Delivery Scheme

  1. The scheme started from the state of Bihar and has plans to expand across the country.
  2. Citizens will have to pay a nominal price to avail this service.
  3. The holy water that is delivered under the scheme will come from Rishikesh and Gangotri.
  4. This is a scheme which got implemented quite fast. As soon as the team conceptualized it, it got implemented as well. Generally it takes quite a while to first conceptualize and scheme and then implement it.

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Why this Scheme is Gaining Popularity?

Gangajal Delivery Scheme

If we see the trends, the popularity of the scheme is increasing day by day. This is because of the below reasons.

  1. Generally, here are rituals such as weddings, Pooja and hawan where Gangajal is mandatory. Many times, people themselves travel across cities to get Gangajal. But this is not feasible every time.
  2. At such a time where people do not have much time, this scheme is providing something which every Indian needs. Just by paying a nominal price, they can get the pious Gangajal at the comfort of their home.
  3. There are many occasions when it is not possible for the family members to travel to some place to get Gangajal. For example, when someone dies in the family, Gangajal becomes a necessity. But at such a time, if someone is not in a condition to travel across, they can order the Gangajal with the help of Gangajal Delivery Scheme.
  4. Postman would deliver the Gangajal at their doorstep. They do not even need to pick it up from their own city.

Working of the Gangajal Delivery Scheme

Below steps explain the working of the Gangajal Delivery Scheme in greater detail.

  1. The water delivered in the scheme comes from Gangotri and Rishikesh. So, all the packaging would happen in Gangotri and Rishikesh itself.
  2. The concerned local authorities would fill up the water in plastic bottles. And then these plastic bottles will reach the various post offices in India.
  3. If people want to get Gangajal, they have two options. Either they can go to a post office themselves and collect the Gangajal. Or they can make a call and ask for home delivery. The charges for home delivery are a little higher though. But since you receive the Gangajal at your home, it is worth.

At such a time when everyone has a busy life, Gangajal Delivery Scheme is doing a good job. You can tell us your opinions through the comments section below.

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