School Nursery Yojana

School Nursery Yojana for Students

School Nursery Yojana is a scheme by the government of India to make students develop a habit of caring for the nature. In most of the schools, biology classes are there. And, as a part of biology practical and other extra-curricular activities, the students will have to for plants.
The students will sow the seeds themselves and then take care of the sapling. So, they would realize the importance of a clean and green nature in the childhood itself. Prime Minister thought that this scheme is important to save the mother Earth. As we see, the number of industries are growing day by day. And hence, we should do something to prevent the depletion of nature. So, the School Nursery Yojana is a small step in that direction.

Key Features of the School Nursery Yojana

1. The scheme has an agenda to teach children to love nature. So with its help, they will get closer to nature through this scheme.
2. The government is planning to include the sowing of seed and maintenance of the sapling in the School curriculum itself.
4. The surroundings will become cleaner and greener if this scheme is successful.
5. The government will deploy trained staff in schools. And this staff will help the students to carry out the School Nursery Yojana activities. Also, this staff would supervise the students.
6. First of all, the government will launch the scheme in 1000 schools. Then, the other schools will follow up.
8. The government is planning to implement the scheme across the country within a time frame of 3 years.
9. Also, the scheme will grow various types of plants in the School nurseries.

Key Benefits of the School Nursery Yojana

School Nursery Yojana

  1. It would become mandatory for the schools to build nurseries. So, in a way, greenery would increase.
  2. The environmental problems that we are facing currently will reduce to a great extent.
  3. The students will get to know each other more through this activity and it will connect them.
  4. The students will feel the responsibility to take care of the nature. And this will make them better citizens in the long run.

And in a way, this scheme will give a boost to the Swachh Bharat Mission.

Future Prospects of the School Nursery Yojana

Shri Prakash Javadekar, the environment Minister is very hopeful about the scheme. He has urged the students himself to take active part in the scheme. Once it is successful in its basic purpose, the scheme will extend to cover below Prospects in future.
1. The students who took part in the scheme on their childhood will help on carrying out similar activities in their localities.
2. So, just with the help of little school kids, the entire country will become greener. And hence, it will become a better place to live in.

How is the School Nursery Yojana Performing So Far?

1. More than 60 schools have started the scheme in their campuses already.
2. Each student in these schools received a packet of seeds.
3. Once the saplings grow up, the children can take the plant with them to show their parents and grandparents. They will also receive a report card along with the plant.

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