My Government-Online Platform

My Government-Online Platform

My Government-Online Platform is a platform by Indian government. The main purpose of this platform is to encourage citizens to participate more in the country’s governance. Currently, citizens only cast their vote and then do not voice their opinions through any strong medium. The My Government-Online Platform will give them an opportunity to be a part of the governance.

Why is the My Government-Online Platform launched?

The My Government-Online Platform is launched on the 60th day of the formation of new government. During the 60-day period, government felt like there are many citizens who want to raise their opinions. But, they do not have a platform to do the same. Hence, they came up with the idea of My Government-Online Platform.

Since everything s online today, it will serve as a platform where citizens can easily tell the government what their views are. Also, if they have any effective strategy to come up with nation building, they can mention it. If the government likes the strategy, they may heed to it.

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Key Features of the My Government-Online Platform

My Government-Online Platform

  1. There are many important issues in the country right now. For example, Clean Ganga Project. Government is trying to find out newer solutions to clean the river. A normal Indian citizen might have a plan. The My Government-Online Platform is a platform where the citizens can let the government know their opinion on the scheme.
  2. The My Government-Online Platform targets at good governance. And it is possible only if all the citizens actively participate in nation building.
  3. Currently, there is a gap between the citizens and the government. The My Government-Online Platform is a new technology platform. And this new technology will help in reducing this gap.
  4. The discussions are based on the themes. So, a citizen has to log on to the portal and find out the theme which he/she is interested in. he can then directly join the discussion.

How will the My Government-Online Platform help the Governance?

As per the government, it is very important for people to voice their opinions. Only then the government will know what is missing in their governance.

  1. Government asks for constructive feedback with the help of My Government-Online Platform.
  2. Not only the citizens can discuss the ideas, but they also have the power to do. This is what, government tries to explain with the launch of this platform.
  3. The platform has many active groups such as Clean Gaga group, Skilled India group, Job Creation group and others. So, a citizen can be a part of these groups and raise his/her concerns.
  4. There are certain tasks in each group and the contributors can take them on a voluntary basis.

The government also said that they will monitor the working of the platform closely over a period of 3 months. Also, they will keep on adding more groups and topics to discuss. They would also invite feedback about the portal from the citizens. If anything needs a change, they would change it with immediate effect.

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