E-Challan-Everything you need to know about

E-challan is nothing but electronic challan. With almost everything online these days, the online form of challan has made daily life very easy. Especially, youngsters find it very useful. They can go to the official website directly and check if they have any challan. Also, they can make payments online.

Here, we are explaining about the e-challan in detail. Read on to know more.

What is E-Challan?

The word “challan” means a receipt for some kind of payment. Similarly, the term “e-challan” refers to online form of challan. You will get an online receipt for the payment. With the daily life getting busy these days, government has come up with a very good initiative.

When you cross your speed limits or jump a signal, you will get a challan. Though you do not have much choice in the filing of challan, but you definitely have a choice when choosing how to pay for it. You can choose the option to pay online. So, it will be a lot easier for you as well as the receiving party.

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Benefits of e-challan


  1. You can go to the official e-challan website and check out the rates of various fines. So, the traffic police cannot overcharge you. This will eliminate corruption to some extent.
  2. You can register your number at the website and check if you have any challan, sitting at the comfort of your home.
  3. Also, your pending payments are shown on the website. So, you can pay the dues and prevent yourself from further charges. The people who do not like any pending challans in their name will find this very useful.
  4. This e-challan system will also give a relief to the traffic police. They will not have to make a challan copy for the defaulters every time. They can just upload it online and the work will become less hectic.
  5. The system will become transparent with the launch of e-challan. You will know why exactly you are paying fine. And if you have multiple fines, you can also view a break-down of all the fines.
  6. You need not pay any extra fee for viewing your status online. This service is completely free.
  7. You can either enter your vehicle registration number for viewing your challan information. Or, if the vehicle registration number is not at hand, you can also enter license number. So, viewing the information will also become easier.

What all offenses come under E-Challan?

Though e-challan will make the process easier for both the parties, people need to be careful after its launch. This is because if they violate any traffic rules, there is a high risk that it will not go unnoticed. So, one should be aware of what counts as a violation under e-challan.

If you make any of the following driving mistakes, it will count as a violation of traffic rules.

  1. Parking your vehicle at any no parking area.
  2. Choosing an inappropriate design for the number plate of your vehicle.
  3. Driving at a very high speed, which is more than the allowed speed limit on a particular road.
  4. Driving your vehicle on the wrong side of the road. No matter how much small distance you cover from the wrong side, it will still count as a violation.
  5. Not stopping before the stop line whenever the traffic signal is red.
  6. Taking U-turns from those places where it is not allowed.
  7. Not getting your vehicle insured under a vehicle insurance policy.
  8. Driving without a license. It is important to have a valid driving license before you get on the road to drive your vehicle.
  9. Jumping the red traffic signal or violating any of the traffic rules.
  10. Overtaking the other vehicles on the road by wrong means.

Please note that if you violate any of the above rules, you might have to pay a heavy fine. Earlier, with offline mode of challan, you could sometimes let it go. But, with e-challan, you cannot expect to escape. So, make sure that you are really careful while driving.

What are the Different Types of E-Challans?


There are generally two kinds of e-challans. Know more about them below.

  1. The investigation cameras will monitor the vehicles continuously. And they will click the pictures of the vehicles crossing certain lines. In this type if e-challan, you can find the pictures of the vehicle attached with the e-challan.
  2. The traffic police monitoring the vehicles on the roads will click their pictures manually. They will digital cameras so that the vehicle number and minute details show up clearly in the pictures.

The pictures will make the record keeping of the e-challans easy. Also, they can used for future reference in case a driver defaults twice or more.

How can you check the E-Challan Status?


  1. You need to log on to the official e-challan website.
  2. There, you will get an option to enter your vehicle registration number. You can also choose to enter the license number if you do not have the former with you.
  3. Besides it, there will be a box for captcha. Enter that as well.
  4. Then, click on go button.
  5. As soon as you click the go button, you will get to see the details of pending challans.

Please note here that in the e-challan website, you will see the pending e-challans in a detailed format. So, you will not need to worry about how and why you got a particular challan.

How to make the Payment for E-Challan

Just like viewing the e-challan is easy, paying for it is also very easy. You can either choose by going to the nearest eseva Centre in cash. Or you can pay online by using the net banking facility. Payment through the debit card/credit card is also possible.

So, we can say that this move of government has made paying for driving fines very easy.

Let us know your opinion on the e-challan initiative in the comments below. Also, you can write to us if you have any queries on the same. We will resolve them as soon as possible.

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