hyderabad traffic challan

Hyderabad Traffic Challan – What you Should know

Hyderabad traffic challan is a major step towards regulating the traffic in the city. The population is the city is ever increasing. And along with it, number of vehicles on the road also increase. So, the city needed a system to rule out traffic violations. And the launch of Hyderabad traffic challan is certainly going to solve the problem to a major extent. The e challan uses latest technology and requires lesser efforts from the traffic police and crew. Let us discuss the details of the Hyderabad traffic challan in this post.

How Does the Hyderabad traffic challan System Work?

Hyderabad traffic challan

The Hyderabad traffic challan system follows a simple principle. All the traffic in the city would be monitored using a digital eye. This digital eye can refer to anything that keeps track of the traffic. For example, it can be a surveillance camera or a laser camera or a signal camera. In some cases, cops might be holding the digital camera themselves. Any person who violates the traffic rules would need to pay a particular fine.

The thinkers of the scheme have decided the fines already. For a particular kind of traffic rule violation, fine might vary from another kind of violation. Once the system confirms that a particular vehicle has violated a traffic rule, they will send an alert to the vehicle owner. They might reach the owner through SMS or email, whatever they have provided during the registration of the vehicle.

Key Features of the Hyderabad traffic challan System

1.       The basic aim of the Hyderabad traffic challan was to implement a non-contact system to regulate the traffic on roads.

2.       Traffic police would gain a larger control over the traffic with the implementation of this scheme.

3.       The chances of defaulters going unnoticed would reduce to a great extent. The digital eye would catch all the defaulters.

4.       The system works on the photo basis. The cameras would click a picture of the defaulter or the vehicle number. And after confirming the violation, he/she will receive an alert.

Where can a Person Check the Status of His/her e-Challan?

hyderabad traffic challan

If a person wants to know whether any challan has been issued in his/her name by the traffic police, they will need to visit the e-challan portal. Government runs this portal, so you cannot escape it through any means. All you need to do is just visit the website, and then enter the registration number of your vehicle. Once done, your pending challan amount will be displayed there.

How to Clear your Dues?

Clearing your dues is as easy as checking your dues. You can pay online through your debit card or using the net banking facility. So, if you have violated nay traffic rule, you just need to check it in the portal sitting in your home. And then you can make the payment from the comfort of your home itself.

Would the Scheme be Successful?

The scheme is no doubt a game changer. But, there are some difficulties that follow. For example, if you do not buy a brand new vehicle, but from an old owner, your vehicle would still come under their name. And this might cause problem for them when you violate a rule. On the other hand, if we compare it with the spot challan scheme that Indians follow, public as well as cops are highly satisfied with the new scheme. Let us know your opinion the scheme in the comments section below.

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