Samajwadi Shadi Anudaan Yojana 2016

Samajwadi Shadi Anudaan Yojana 2016

The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh announces yet another scheme named Samajwadi Shadi Anudaan Yojana 2016 for the poor people of a state. The aim of this plan of the samajwadi party is to help the poor people by giving Rupees 20,000 in their daughter marriage. This scheme is created just to help the daughter of poor people, and farmer on their wedding.

What is  Samajwadi Shadi Anudaan Yojana 2016?

Under this Samajwadi Shadi Anudaan Yojana 2016, the amount will be transferred directly to their bank account; that will also eliminate a chance of any corruption.

As state government is trying to launch various scheme for needy and poor people of the state, this yojana is considered as step further in that process. Now, Government is seeking to give direct benefits to the needy and poor people through transferring amount in their bank account.
The most important thing to notice about this scheme is that now the government is giving rupees 20,000 to the people, which is just double of the earlier amount. According to the plan, maximum two daughters from one family get the declared amount from the government. Anyone can apply for this Yojana, no matter what caste and creed are he belongs. Now, any ordinary person can appeal for financial help in their daughter marriage.

The important things to apply for Samajwadi Shadi Anudaan Yojana 2016:

The girl must be over 18 years of age.
Maximum two daughters from a family will receive assistance from government.
Applicant through only online mode can apply for the scheme.

Online registration can be done through
Online registration can be done before or after 90 days after the wedding dating.

Samajwadi Shadi Anudaan Yojana 2016
Documents required for registration for Samajwadi Shadi Anudaan Yojana 2016 ?

Given are the list document required-
Candidate Aadhar card
Income certificate
Photocopy of BPL ration card
Photocopy of bank passbook

Those family and person who is receiving Old age pension, disability pension, widow pension and Samajwadi pension are not required to provide proof of income people.

How to apply for Samajwadi Shadi Anudaan Yojana 2016 ?

To apply for Samajwadi Shadi Anudaan Yojana, you have to visit the official site.
Register yourself.
Download the form .
Submit this form with required document .
Apply for Grant.

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