How to Apply for Voter ID card in UP

Since the election season is back, some of you might be first time voters this time. If you are looking for how to apply for voter ID card in UP, you have definitely come to the right place. These days, you can even apply for the voter ID card online. This would save you from all the unnecessary hustle. For details, please read on.

Who can apply?

In case you are an Indian citizen and you have completed 18 years of age as on 1 January of the current year, you are eligible to apply for the Voter ID card in UP.

Steps to Apply for Voter ID Card in UP Online

Voter ID Card in UP

The CEO office of UP offers online services for the fellow residents of the state. There are many people these days who are short of time. Nobody wants to go to electoral offices physically and stand in long queues. Also, you would need to sign the documents and submit them manually. Rather, you can make use of below steps and apply for voter ID card in UP online. You can do this from the comfort of your own home.

Visit the Website

First of all, you will need to login to the Chief Electoral Officer website. Go there and you would see the option of “Online Services for Voters” on the home page itself. When you see this, just select this option. And then a new page would open.

Open Form 6

You would see some options on the screen. Choose the one that says “Apply Online for Registration of a new Voter”. And as soon as you do this, you will get Form 6.

Choose your Options

You need to fill in the details now. First of all, select your state as well as constituency and then fill in correct details about yourself. However, make sure you fill in all the details carefully.

Attach the Required Documents

Keep in mind that only if you fill in all the required details, you can proceed to next step. So, double check everything. Also, attach all the documents that are asked for. You can upload them directly over the website.

You can use either passport, or your bank passbook, or driving license or even Aadhar card as your proof of residence. Some other government documents are also valid. You would need to check it with the concerned authorities.

Submit the Form

After filling in the details and uploading the necessary documents, just note down your acknowledgement number and sit back. Some officers might come to your residential address and verify the details filled in by you.

Once the verification happens, it will hardly take a week’s time for your Voter ID card to come to your address.

Steps to Apply for Voter ID card in UP Offline

Get the Required Documents

There are some pre-requisites to this process. You would need to obtain these documents and keep them handy. Form 6, Form 8, Form 8 A and Form 7. Keep in mind that all these forms are mandatory for one or the other reasons.

Fill up the Form 6

You would need to fill up the form 6 with your correct details. This is a very important form. So take special care while filling all the details. Also, attach your photograph over the form if required. You would get detailed instructions as to how to fill the form there itself.

Attach Supporting Documents

You would need to get a Xerox copy of all the required documents and attach it with the Form 6. Make sure you already have all the required documents such as address proof document, age proof document etc.

Go to Electoral Registration Office and Submit the Form

Whichever is the nearest electoral office, you can go there and submit your filled-in form along with the documents. They would verify the documents attached and acknowledge your voter ID application. You can then come home as your task is done.


Next is the job of the electoral officers. They would come to your home to cross verify your information. And once the processing is over, the authorities would release your voter ID card. It will come to you by post on the address provided by you.

Time to time, the electoral commission of India keeps on organizing camps for Voter ID card in UP applications. Pay heed to such announcements. You may come to know about them through TV or newspapers. You can also search online if there are any upcoming camps in your locality.

In a democratic country like India, the right to vote is the greatest power that the citizens have and they should certainly utilize it. If you do not have a voter ID card and you are eligible for one, apply for it today. Let us know in comments section below if you face any issues.

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