Pan Card Application Form

PAN Card Application Form

PAN card is a document which has become a necessity in today’s world. In India it is very difficult to survive without a PAN card especially if you are employed. PAN stands for permanent account number. The document which is issued by the Income Tax Department is required to conduct financial transactions.

All those who pay taxes need a PAN card so they can file their taxes. The code which is allotted is unique. This way the Government can easily track the monetary exchanges that are carried out by each individual or organisation. The PAN card also works as a proof of identity.

When to apply for a PAN card

  1. It is illegal for an individual or an entity to have more than one PAN card. Per person / company  only one PAN can be allotted. As the name suggests the number is permanent and does not change with any change in your name or address.
  2. In the case that a PAN card is lost then also you can apply for the PAN card through the Form 49. It may aslo happen that you have already applied for a PAN card but haven’t received it. Then also a PAN card can be applied for.
  3. When there are changes in the personal information of individuals or organisation then also the Form 49 is used to update those information. These include details like changes in the mobile number or address. Even for a minor change like a change in the email id the Income Tax department must be notified. You can apply for a change or correction then.

The process for applying for a PAN card is quite simple. The Government has made it possible for people from different walks of life to apply for the PAN card without facing any difficulty.

  • PAN card application offline

The application form for applying for a PAN card is called form 49. This form 49 can be obtained at any PAN service centers. These centers are managed by UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited. There are PAN centres which are managed by NSDL as well where you can get these forms. The NSDL stands for national securities depository limited.

pan card application

  • PAN card application online

The form can be downloaded from the Income tax department website. The website is It can also be downloaded from the NSDL website and the UTIITSL website.

The Cost of Processing the application is Rs 105. This amount is inclusive of all service taxes. There is an extra amount which has to be pain in the case the PAN card has to be dispatched to locations outside India. The extra charge is Rs 866.

Constituents of Form 49

The PAN Card application form can be applied for the taken for first timers or for those who wish to make changes to their PAN card. The form can be taken by any individual, or a firm. Certain companies also apply for the PAN as this is not necessarily issued for individuals.

A PAN card application form looks like this:pan card application form

The things which you have to fill up in the above form are

  • The full name of the person or group applying for the PAN card
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Father’s name
  • Address of residence
  • Telephone number
  • Status of applicant
  • Source of Income

Make sure all these details are filled up accurately as any mistake can cause a lot of trouble for you later on. The best way to avoid any mistake is to go through the form more than once before submitting it so you are completely sure that there are no errors.

The next step after filling up the personal details involves giving proof of identity and address. A passport size picture has to be attached also. As an address proof and identity proof a voter ID card or a passport can be used. There are various other documents which can be used as proof.

After attaching photocopies of all documents which are required a Demand Draft has to be made to pay the amount of Rs 96. The amount can be paid in cash as well at the designated centers.  This is in the case it was an offline form. Forms can be submitted online as well.

When the form is being filled online there is an option to edit it. After you are certain that the information is filled up is correct you can confirm your submission. After the final submission a 15 digit code is given by the site through which the form was applied. You have to remember to keep this number safely. This number will come in handy when you want to track the status of your PAN card application.

Some things to keep in mind when filling the form

  • All the details should be filled in neatly if the form is an offline one. If you have cut something or made marks it is better to get another form and start afresh.
  • The photo which you have to attach must be glued. It cannot be stapled. The photograph should be passport size and should be a recent one.
  • The signature is also an important part of the PAN card. Keep a fixed signature for all important document and when signing make sure it is within the box given. The same goes for the thumb impression.

If these things are kept in mind it can be really easy to get a PAN card within a few days. It is one of the most important documents and you can carry it with you anywhere and everywhere you go. It is a hassle free process. Whether you pay taxes or not a PAN card is a must.


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