Pan Card Correction

Pan Card Correction

The full form of PAN is permanent account number. In the last decade the PAN card has become one of the most essential document that every Indian citizen owns. PAN card is a document which is  mandatory for tax payers. In fact most organizations ask for the PAN number at the time of joining of the employee.

The PAN card helps the Government to keep a check on the financial transactions taking place within the country. Tax evasion is a major problem affecting India today. To defeat this problem the concept of PAN card was introduced by the Government. The PAN card can also be used as an identity card. The PAN card has numerous uses and the Government recommends all adults to issue a PAN card for themselves.

It must be remembered that the PAN card is not a proof of citizenship though. The PAN card can be issued to foreign citizens as well. They can use it to open bank accounts, purchase and sell shares. For all these activities a PAN card is required.

As the name suggests the number that is allotted is permanent. The number is a mix of numbers and alphabets. It does not change with the change of surname or the address of an individual. It is a number which is unique to every entity. It contains 10 characters. The alpha- numeric code is given by the Income Tax Department.

Constituents of the PAN card

The PAN card contains a number of details about an individual. That is why it is recommended that none of the details of the PAN card should be disclosed to anyone. It is very easy for anyone to misuse that information. The details given on the PAN card are: pan card image

  1. The full name of the individual or organisation (as the case may be)
  2. The full name of the Father in the case of an individual
  3. Date of birth (in the DD/ MM/ YYYY format) for Individuals, Date of incorporation for organisations
  4. The PAN number
  5. PAN holder’s signature
  6. Photograph of owner of PAN card

Correction in the PAN card

Though the the alpha- numeric identifier is permanent there may be changes required in other details of the PAN card. There may be certain changes or correction in the one of the details mentioned above. To make any correction there is a certain procedure to be followed.

The PAN card could have been applied online or offline. For a change request the mode of applying or website does not make a difference. The process is almost similar. You can go through both the NSDL or UTI website.

  1. For the NSDL website the category of applicant has to be chosen from the drop down option. Choose the option which suits you and then click on the ‘select’ button to go to the Correction Form
  2. For the UTI website, the category of applicant is not required. The option of going directly to the Correction Form is available on the website.

After this the process is same. These were just different methods of reaching to the Correction Form. To fill up the correction form also a few other documents will be required apart from the current PAN card. There can be no change in the PAN card without giving a valid identity proof. Examples of Identity proof are Driver’s License or your Passport.

There is a correction fees of Rs 107 involved in the process. This amount can be paid through net banking or debit Card. Though the option which is considered safe by many people are Cheques. To pay the correction fees Cheques can also be used.

Pan Card Correction Form

The correction form can be filled in online or offline, whichever is convenient for the individual. Once the correction form is filled in with correct details, a new PAN card will be generated within a period of 10- 15 days. Incidents of change or correction in PAN card can arise due to the following reasons

  1. One of the most important changes that people want is when they get married. In the case of name change after marriage the marriage certificate will be required. The marriage certificate can be legally considered as a evidence of marriage.
  2. Some people might have made a mistake while filling up the form for the first time itself. In such a case also the correction form will be needed.
  3. When a person’s permanent address changes. When an applicant wants to correct their address, other than the address which is given for communication, a box on the left margin has to be ticked. The full address has to be written in proper format as given in Item No. 7 .

A Correction Form looks like this pan card correction form

Checklist for filling in the Correction Form

  1. The correct PAN number must be entered while filling in the details
  2. When writing your name and surname make sure there is a blank box after the name and surname. In each box there should be only one alphabet or number.
  3. Tick on the left hand margin of the suitable row where the correction is needed.
  4. If the applicant is not an individual then HUF should be stated after the full name. If it’s a Private Limited Company the word “Private Limited” should be written. No abbreviations are accepted.
  5. Each individual or corporation can have only one PAN card. Having more than one can even lead to the person being jailed.


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