Pan Card Status Check

How to Check Pan Card Status

The procedure to check the status of your application of PAN card and how to make changes  if required

The PAN card is a document which is binding upon each resident of India if he or she wants to make any monetary exchange. To file your taxes the PAN card is a must. It is permanent number given to the citizen and there will never be any alterations in that number. A PAN card looks like thispan card status

Since it is a mandatory document the process of applying for a PAN card is made extremely uncomplicated. Once the PAN card is applied for you can check the status of your application through the website of NSDL. This can be done only after 3 days have lapsed since the application was made.

To check the status online you must have your acknowledgement slip. The acknowledgment slip contains a 15 digit number which will be required if you want to know the status. The acknowledgment slip will be generated if the application was made through the NSDL website.

There are many cases in which an individual applies for a PAN card. They are:

  1.  A new PAN card has to be issued- There are many applicants who apply for the first time. The PAN card can be applied by both Indians as well as non- citizens, but who reside in India
  2. In the case when a PAN card gets lost- When a person loses his PAN card he can get a duplicate PAN card issued. It will have the same PAN. There are many people whose PAN card gets stolen. In such cases also he can apply for a duplicate Pan card.
  3. When there are changes to be made- It may happen that the PAN card you have received does not have the correct information or there were errors in the application form filled. All the information of an applicant is kept by the Income Tax Department.

The steps to check status of PAN card through NSDL

pan card status check NSDL

The process to check the current status of the PAN card application process is quite easy. The first step is to log in to the NSDL website. Something like this should appear. NSDL stands for National Securities Depository Limited. NSDL is the first and largest depository of India. The NSDL provides a number of services for the people of India.

One of the major functions of NSDL is to help applicants to keep a check on the status of their PAN card application. Care should be taken so that no mistakes are made while filling up the application form. There are 3 things which are required to be filled in the online form. They are:

  • The full name of the applicant.
  •  Acknowledgment Number
  • Date of Birth/Incorporation/Agreement/Trust/Formation/Association in DD/MM/YYYY Format.

Apart from this the type of application of the PAN card also has to be chosen. It can either be New or change. After this you need to click on the Submit button. You can then view the status of your application. It must be remembered that it may take some time before you can review the status.

Though there are many sites and applications through which an individual can check the status of their PAN card, NSDL is the most preferred website. NSDL is a government website and it is considered to be the most reliable one.

Another method to check the status of your PAN card is through UTI.  To track your PAN card status through this method you must have the Application coupon number. After filling in the number press the submit button. The status of the application will be shown.

pan card check status

There is a reset button also as shown below in the image. This allows you to check the status of the PAN card again and again.

The fees for applying for a PAN card is also not too much. It will cost only Rs 107 inclusive of all charges. It is recommended that all individuals residing in India must have a PAN card. It can be used as an identity proof and is a must to carry out any financial transaction.

The application process is made simple so people from all backgrounds can apply for the PAN card. There are various methods through which you can apply, NSDL being one major option.

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