Pan Card Verification

Pan Card Verification

One of the most important aspects of applying for a PAN card is the verification process. Without the documents being verified you will not receive your PAN card. The PAN card can be delivered at the address given by the applicant only if the PAN card is verified.

The PAN card stands for permanent account number. The Income Tax Department (ITD) deals with allotting the Card which contains the number. The Card is delivered also by them. The PAN is a 10 digit code which has a combination of numbers and alphabets. Some numbers and alphabets have a significance while others are allotted randomly.

The PAN card is a document which is necessary to make most financial transactions within the country. In fact according to a new rule passed by the Government, to open a new bank account a PAN card is must. In various other places also the PAN card is required.

Black money hoarding is a huge problem in India. To control the problem of tax evasion and black money hoarding the Government had introduced the PAN card. Through the PAN card the Government can easily keep a track of all financial transactions taking place between individuals or organizations and individuals.

Why you should get your PAN card verified

The process of PAN card verification is important because there may be some minor errors in your card which need to be rectified. All the information that was filled by an applicant at the time of the applying is stored by the Income Tax Department. If there are any differences in the actual information and the data which the ITD has, it may lead to problems.

The process of verification is extremely easy so it is better to get it verified as soon as possible so there are no problems later on. To verify a PAN card the essential details like the full name and date of birth should be checked. Since the PAN card acts like a identity card also it is imperative that the information is accurate.

PAN Card Application

Before we get into the process of verification of PAN card the  process of PAN card application will be discussed in short.

  • The first step to applying for a PAN card is to fill up a form, called Form 49. This form can be filled online. In this form you will be asked basic details about you like your name, address, date of birth and other details like Father’s name as well.
  • In the case of an Applicant being an NRI the process id slightly different. Though the form used is same, it is fees which is different. That reason for the extra fees is that for communicating with the applicant the cost will be higher. Thus the authorities decided to keep the fees higher if the PAN card is made for an individual or organization not residing in India.
  • A passport size photograph has to be stuck on the form. Make sure this photograph is stuck and not stapled. Each and every detail has to be paid attention to. Even a slight mistake can cause the entire PAN card to be declared useless.pan card verification

Process of PAN Card Verification

A PAN Card can be verified by two methods. Either

  1. Verification of PAN card through PAN (the number)
  2. Verification of PAN card through Name and date of birth
  • PAN card verification through the Permanent Account Number

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  1. To get your PAN card verified and find out other details just the PAN number is enough. Once you fill in the PAN card number in the given box a Captcha code will be shown. Captcha is the method by which the system or the computer program can distinguish between a Human and a spam input. Once the number and Captcha both have been correctly typed in click on the submit icon. At times if you take too much time to type the number shown in the Captcha the ‘session’ might expire. To solve that problem just try reloading the page.
  2. The submit button will direct you to a new window. This new window will display your PAN number and details like your name, AO code and jurisdiction as well. Through this method you can get your PAN card verified.
  3. Make sure you do not go arounf disclosing your PAN number to everyone any anyone you know. The number can be misused in varous ways. Even verifying make sure the process is done on an official site only. There are many other websites which may claim to verify your PAN card through the number. Most of them are frauds. Do not type in your number
  • PAN card verification through Name and Date of Birth

  1. It is possible to verify your PAN card by giving your name and date of birth. This technique of verification is also used when a person has lost their PAN card. When the person is not sure of the PAN number then he can try this method. The most important point while filling in your name and surname is that the spelling should be correct.
  2. The details that have to be filled in are the Surname, which is mandatory, the first name and the middle name. The date of birth has to be filled in as well. In the case the PAN card is of an organisation or entity, the year of incorporation has to be given. The format of filling in the date of birth is clearly mentioned.
  3. Here also a Captcha will be shown. Looking at the image enter the number in the given box adn then click submit. A new window will be appear wherein you will find your PAN card details.

The Government has made it easy and convenient for the people to find out their details and verify the PAN card from the comfort of their homes. All they need is an internet connection. The official websites for checking online are through the NSDL website or the second one is through UTI.

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