EPF Balance Check Methods

EPF balance check methods make sure that you are able to check your pf statement. There is an option to track the epf balance on a day to day basis as well. And there are various methods to check the epf balance. The most common methods include online, by using the UAN number, or the epf number or even by missed call and SMS service. So no matter what you prefer, there is way for you to check the epf balance.

EPF Balance Check Guidelines

As we all know, EPF savings are mainly for retirement. Government and the employers provide this facility so that people can have a happy retirement. However, you may want to spend your EPF savings at the time of your marriage, or maybe your children’s marriage. In some of the other cases, people go for buying home for themselves using the PF money. Whatever the case is, they want to know how much savings they have accumulated in their PF account so that they can take an informed decision.

EPF balance check is now possible online. All you need is a computer and a working internet connection. Though there are so many ways of EPF balance check, you would certainly want to go for the easiest and the most efficient method. Once you learn to check the PF balance online, it would become easy for you to check it frequently. You just have to login to the EPFO portal and follow the instructions. The EPF balance check process is as easy as you can imagine.

Steps for EPF Balance Check

When you go for epf balance check using online methods, you should follow all the steps. When you go for step by step process, no only it becomes convenient to check the pf balance but you also feel confident about it. Every month, you can follow the same steps and get updates about your pf account.

EPF Balance Check using PF Number

1.      First of all, you would need to go to the official EPFO portal page. Just go there and on the home page, you will see a link called “Know your PF Balance”. Click on this link.

2.      On the next page, you will need to enter the state name in which your employer is registered. Please note that it is not the state where you are working, but the state of your employer. So make your choice carefully.

3.      Next, you will need to select the regional PF office. Make sure that you choose the correct office. Under every state, there might be many regional offices. You have to particularly go for the one where your employer is registered.

4.      Then, enter your PF number and your phone number. Make sure that you note down your PF number beforehand so that problems do not come up later on.

5.      Click on the “Submit” button.

As soon as you click submit, you would receive an SMS with your PF balance. This is a simple method for epf balance check without much hassle.

EPF Balance Check using Missed Call/SMS Service

Keep in mind that you can avail this facility only if you have activated your UAN. If not, then you should first activate your UAN. And for those who have their UAN in active status, they have to send an SMS as mentioned below.

EPFOHO UAN <ENG> to 773 8299 899.

Make sure that you send this SMS from that mobile number which was given at the time of UAN activation. Your phone number is linked to your account. Hence, if you send the SMS with any number, it might not work properly.

For using the missed call service, you would have to make a missed call to the epfo customer care number. Again, make sure you call using the umber given at the time of UAN activation.

EPFO Customer Care number – 01122901406.

EPF Balance Check using Smartphone

You would not believe but there is an app to check the EPF balance. In this era when everybody is using smartphones, government thought why not launch an app for EPFO as well. Just open the UAN portal in your smartphone browser and provide your credentials. You would get your EPF balance within minutes.

If you use the EPFO portal, make sure that you download the one which is authentic. There are some other misleading apps also. Make sure you do not download the ones with lots of ads. They would only waste your time instead of providing you proper information.

EPF Balance Check with UAN Number

Another method to check the EPF balance is by using the UAN portal. Log in to the UAN portal and give your UAN number. You would get an option to download the UAN passbook. However, only those members who have their UAN activated can make use of this service. The passbook will download in a pdf format. You can open and view it to know your pf balance.

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