EPF Claim Status Information

You can check the EPF Claim status online with a few clicks. This is certainly a boon for the numerous salaried employees in India. With the busy life these days, nobody has time to go to EPF offices. Most of the people don’t even know where the physical offices actually are. Thanks to government for providing this amazing facility, the employees can now check their EPF Claim status and make use of the other services provided by this online portal.

How to check the EPF Claim status

First of all, the employee has to submit a claim at the designated EPFO office. Then, he/she can follow the below steps to know the EPF Claim status.

1.      Open the official EPFO website.

2.      And then you would see a section called “Our Services”. In this section, you would see an option called “For Employees”.

3.      Here, you would need to click on the “Know your Claim Status” option.

4.      After this, a page would open in your browser. In this page, you would see an option called “Click here for knowing the Claim Status”. Just click on it.

5.      And then again, a new page would open on your browser. You would get an option to enter the location of your PF office here. Make sure that you give the state and the city properly.

6.      Then, the portal would automatically fill the city code and the PF office code once you give the state and the city correctly.

7.      Then, you would need to enter the employer’s establishment code. This code is generally less than 7 digits. In some of the cases, there is a sub code. You would need to fill it in the extra box. Otherwise, you can leave this extra box blank.

8.      In the 5th box, give your EPF account number.

9.      Click the “Submit” button. You would then see your EPF Claim status on the screen.

What are the Benefits of the EPF Claim status Feature in the Portal?

When you can check the EPF Claim status by going to the physical office, what is the need of providing this feature online? Well, it has many benefits. Read on to know about them/

1.      You would not need to visit the EPFO office yourself and get the information online. And therefore, this would not only save your time and energy, but also save you from the headache of filling and submitting of various forms.

2.      Side by side, you can check also your PF balance as well. So, when you login to check our EPF Claim status, you would know your PF balance as well.

3.      The process is very simple. And for this, you just need to know how to operate a computer and basic internet and you are good to go.

4.      Whenever an action takes place on your application, they would update your application status online. Hence, this means that you get information on the go.

Are there any Pre-Requisites to check EPF Claim status Online?

Well, you just need to have your EPF account number handy. Also, you must know where your regional EPF office is as you would need to fill in these details. Also, in some of the cases, you might also need to know your employer’s establishment code. So, collect this information beforehand.

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