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ESIC online payment is possible from January 2017. It is definitely a big news for those employees who do not get time to make their payments in person. After the launch of the latest employer UAN portal, you can now make ESIC online payment. You just have to go to the portal, generate a TRRN and then make the payment. Earlier, only SBI users couldn’t make online payments. But now, many other private banks have also provided this benefit.

What is the Easiest Way to make EPF Payment Online?

It is certainly the responsibility of the employer to make the epf payment. EPFO is for the benefit of the employees. And since it holds a large number of transactions, managing them online is a lot easier than offline. EPFO manages the activities and transactions held in employees’ provident fund. In today’s world, when people strive to make their ends meet, EPFO takes care that we save enough for our retirement side by side.

All the employees have the option to make ESIC online payment. With the consent of the employer, it becomes even easier. All you have to do is go to the portal and follow some simple steps as mentioned below.

Making the ESIC online payment at Employer E-Sewa Portal

The day an employee joins an organization, he/she becomes a part of the epf scheme. And epf is definitely a major tool for your retirement savings. If you make the ESIC online payment time to time, you would get many retirement benefits. Even I you do not live long enough, your family will get the benefits. And hence, you should know all the aspects of epf. Below are the steps for ESIC online payment.

Benefits of making ESIC online payment

1.       Making ESIC online payment is no doubt comfortable. It is so convenient that you do not need to step out of your home at all. All is done with just a few clicks on your computer screen.

2.       You don’t need to fill any challan form and there is absolutely no need to stand in long queues.

3.       You don’t have to find out which is the designated branch of the bank. And hence, you don’t need to visit those bank branches exclusively.

4.       You can make ESIC online payment from anywhere and anytime. So even if you forget to make the payment sometime, you need not panic. Just log into your account and make the pending payment from anywhere across the globe.

Steps to make ESIC online payment

1.       First of all, you would need to visit the official ESIC portal.

2.       Then, you will need to enter your TRRN. Also, you will need to select which option you want to choose for charging ESIC online payment.

3.       After that, enter your customer ID along with your password.

4.       Then, after logging in successfully, you will have to enter your bank account details.

If you want to check the epf payment report, you can check that under the accounts section. You will see an option called “Reports” under accounts section. Just go there and you would see the payment report.

Where can you Make ESIC online payment?

You can make ESIC online payment on the epfo esewa portal. The portal opens till 12AM. So make sure that you make all your pending payments by 12AM of the last day.

EPFO recently launched a new portal called the pf employer login portal. If you are an employer and you want to make your ESIC online payment, you can go to this portal.

In case you want to make ESIC online payment through private banks, such as the ICICI bank, HDFC bank or Axis bank, you can go to the epfo portal and make the payments.

How to Make ESIC online payment in the year 2017?

As the New Year comes, a lot of things change, and this time, there is a big change in ESIC online payment. You can now go to the uan portal to make payments of your dues. You can also generate the ECR challan online. To do that, you will need to upload all the details of the employees along with the contribution that they do monthly. And then you can generate the challan.

For ESIC online payment, you will need to download the data in excel sheet. The previous data generally contains ECR of previous years. Then, as per your requirement, you can change it to csv format. After that, just replace the commas with hashtags. You can do this easily by opening the file in notepad format.

Then, upload the file in text format itself. Further, enter TRRN and make the payment. Payment can be made using net banking of any private bank such as HDFC, SBI, ICICI and others.

ESIC online payment at the UAN Portal

Yes, it is possible to make ESIC online payment at the uan portal as well. Just visit the portal. And there, you will see an option to log in under establishment. Go to that option, enter your credentials and hit enter. Then, you can enter the details of ECR challan and make the payment.

When you log in to the uan portal, you can enjoy the other benefits also which uan portal provides.

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