PF Balance Check with UAN Number Procedure

PF balance check with UAN number is the easiest and most efficient way of checking your PF balance. As you must be aware, a part of your salary gets deducted every month and goes to your PF account. So, if at any point of time, you want to know how much balance you have in your PF account, you just need to have your UAN number handy and you can check it online.

Benefits of PF balance check with UAN number

There are many benefits of PF balance check with UAN number. The first thing is that you don’t have to toil through various forms and you don’t need to run to various offices. All you have to do is sit comfortably at your home, grab a laptop with internet connection and follow a basic set of steps. You get quick access to your information. This becomes especially important when you are planning to withdraw your PF partially or you want to take loan against it.

What is UAN Number?

UAN stands for Universal Account Number. It is a special type of number and as its name suggests, it is unique for all the users. Under EPF scheme, you get a UAN number and this number remains constant throughout your career. No matter how many employers you change or how many PF accounts you change, this number would still be the same.

How to Get a UAN Number

If you don’t have a UAN, you can get it by going to the EPF website. We would suggest you getting your UAN number as it would provide you many benefits. You would get details about your account on your phone through SMS regularly.

However, most of the times, employers take care of the UAN numbers for their employees. Under the Ministry of Labor and Employment, it is mandatory for all the employers to ensure that their employees’ EPF formalities are taken care of.

Steps for PF balance check with UAN number

1.      First of all, you need to go to the website of EPFO services.

2.      There, you would get an option to enter your UAN number. Just enter it in the text box.

3.      It would also ask you to enter your mobile number. Enter it. Make sure that you have a working network as you would soon receive a text message on this number.

4.      Choose your EPF state and EPF office. You should know these things beforehand as in where the state office of your PF account is and what the local office is. If you don’t have these details, you can get them from your employer.

5.      Enter the captcha code as displayed on the screen.

Hit enter. You would soon receive a text displaying the details of your PF balance.

Other Ways to Check PF Balance

Apart from PF balance check with UAN number, there are other ways to check PF balance as well. You can get it through a simple SMS or missed call as well. You can also download the EPF mobile app to check your balance. However, checking UAN number is very easy.

If you have any queries regarding PF balance check with UAN number, please write to us in the comments section below.

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