PF Claim Status Check Online

These days, PF claim status can be checked online. This means that once you apply for PF claim status, there is no need to wander from one office to another. Just go to the online website and know your PF claim status easily. Here we are explaining the steps to do so. Read on to understand the procedure.

How to Check PF claim status through Online

If you have your EPF number, you can check your PF claim status online. You can either go to the pf member portal or choose the uan portal. As you would already know, pf is an important savings tool for the working class. It is tax free and people like to invest in it so that they can save up for their retirement.

When you don’t withdraw your pf every time you change job, it accumulates to a good amount at the time of your retirement. However, in case you need money for emergency, you can claim it. If you are working as a salaried professional in India, there are high chances that you are a part of the EPF scheme. Below are the simple steps for PF claim status check online. Follow them to know your status.

Steps to Check PF claim status Online

1.      Go to the official EPF website. Just type the URL in your browser and hit enter.

2.      On the home page of the website, you will see an option in bold letters called “Know your PF Claim Status”. Click on this option.

3.      After that, you will need to enter the state of your pf office. If you know the code number, you can also enter that.

4.      And then, you would need to pick the correct regional pf office. It is advisable to get this information beforehand from your employer if you have any doubts.

5.      Enter your epf account number. Some epf account numbers would have an extension as well. If you also have it, you would need to enter it in the box, and otherwise you can leave it blank.

6.      Then, you would need to enter the establishment code of employer. And in the next box, enter the pf account number.

7.      After entering all the above details, hit “Submit” button.

This would give you the PF claim status. The next message displayed on screen is your PF claim status. If you don’t understand the meaning of the status message, read below. We tried to cover all the status messages. If your message is not listed here, please comment below. We would get back to you.

PF claim status Messages and their Meanings

1.      Payment Under Process

If you see this message as your PF claim status, this simply means that your payment did not get through. Depending upon your bank, it might take 2-3 days to process the payment. Just wait for some time. If not, you can call your bank to know the exact situation.

2.      Claim form 19 for PF settlement has been approved. Payment is under process.

This means that the form 19 is approved successfully. And once the payment gets through, you would receive your money in your bank account.

3.      Claim form 10c for Withdrawal Benefit has been approved. Payment is under process.

This status is again very easy to understand. If you filled up the 10c form, then your form is approved. And all you need to do now is wait for 2-3 days. The bank would clear the payment and it would settle soon.

Common Rejected Message for PF claim status

The most common reason for rejection is that the form 10c got rejected. Since it should be above 19.5 years, many people are not aware of this fact. They keep on entering 19 years whereas they should enter 20 years. So, don’t make this mistake and directly enter 20 years so that there is no chance of rejection.

You can also use the 10c from to withdraw money from the EPS Pension Scheme.

Calculations for PF claim status

There are some common terms related to PF claim status that you should definitely know.

1.      EE stands for Employee Contribution. It is generally 8.3%.

2.      ER stands for Employer Contribution. It is 3.67% most of the times.

3.      EPS and EPF are two different schemes. While EPS stands for Pension Scheme, EPF stands for Provident Fund.

How to Calculate the Amount of PF Withdrawal?

To calculate the amount of PF withdrawal, you have to perform below mathematics.

EE + ER = the total amount (+ Interest rate)

The interest rate is generally 8.5%. So based on this, you can get the exact amount that you are going to get as PF.

Benefits of PF claim status Check Online

Checking the PF claim status online is easy and convenient. Apart from this, it has some other benefits too. You will not need to stress a lot about pf and withdrawal procedures. And the process becomes completely transparent when you see everything online.

You can check the PF claim status either through the epf number or by entering your claim ID.

More about PF Transfer Procedures and Withdrawal Status Checking

You can check the PF claim status only through the OTCP portal. OTCP stands for Online Claim Transfer Portal. Just enter the portal. And then check if you are eligible enough. Follow the rules as mentioned and then make your request whether you want to transfer or withdraw.

What if you do not get the money in your bank account after many days?

In such a case, you should re-check your bank details. These are available on uan portal. Go there and verify the details.

What if you sent the PF withdrawal form to corresponding PF office many days ago but don’t receive the payment even after a long time?

Sometimes, there is a delay in the claim process. You should keep checking the status message through PF claim status check and then call the concerned office if required.

How can you Check PF claim status using UAN Portal?

Currently, you can check the PF claim status only through epfo member portal. However, you can get the details about your pf on UAN portal. Also, there are many other services which uan portal provides.

There is a mobile app also which allows you to check the PF claim status. So, download the app on your smartphone, and just enter your pf number. You would get your PF claim status.


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