EPFO Status Check Methods

EPFO status can be checked through various ways. For example, if you comfortable with online, you can check status online, if you are comfortable with using your phone, you can check it through SMS or missed call and various others. Here, in this article, we are discussing as many as 7 ways to check your EPFO status. So, go through them to know more about them.

Check EPFO Status Using the UAN Number

This is definitely the easiest and most popular way to check EPFO status. You get a Universal Account Number when you get associated with EPF. And this UAN number is fixed for you. Hence, you will not have a problem of memorizing various UAN numbers. Once you activate this, you get your PF account details through SMS monthly.

Use Member Portal and Get PF Passbook

Before UAN umber came into existence, this was the most popular method to check EPFO status. Hence, if you ever forget your UAN number, you can use this method to check status.

For using this method, first of all you would need to register yourself with member portal. Just fill your details and click on register. As you get registered, enter your PF number as asked. Then, enter your phone number and your KYC document number. You would receive an OTP on your phone and using this, just login to the portal and download the passbook. This passbook would contain your EPFO status details.

Use UAN Portal to Download PF Passbook

If you have your UAN number but still you want to download your PF passbook, you can do that via UAN portal easily. Just go to the portal and choose the option of download PF passbook. The advantage of using this method is that you would not only get the current EPFO status but also your complete account statement in a single step.

Check EPFO status using EPF Mobile App

There is an official app to check EPFO status which you can download from the EPFO website. Here in the app, you will need to enter your phone number and UAN number.

These days, we do everything using various mobile apps. So using an app for checking EPFO status would be a smart idea.

Check EPFO Status Using Missed Call

For the people who don’t want to use internet much, there is a missed call facility as well. All you have to do is give a missed call to a number “011 2290 1406”. And then, you will get a text message on your phone which will contain your status. Make sure that you call using your registered number.

Check EPFO status Online

You have to log in to the online portal and then click on the “Know your PF Balance page” to get your status using this method. Not many people prefer this method these days. However, it has its own advantages. You would get to know your employer contribution and your own contribution using this method.

Check EPFO status using SMS

This is again a very helpful method to check EPFO status. Just send an SMS to the number “7738 299 899”. And you would receive a reply from the team telling your status. The SMS should be in below format.


Here, ENG is the code for English language. And the advantage of this method is that you can get your status in a language of your choice.

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