All your Queries Regarding ESIC Delhi Answered

ESIC Delhi is a very hot topic these days. If you still have queries regarding the functioning of ESIC Delhi, you have come to the right place. Here, we have clubbed a list of the most common questions asked about ESIC Delhi. And we provide answers to them. If you have any other queries, please let us know through the comments section. We would get back to you.

What is ESI Scheme?

Basically, it is a scheme that provides you a medical cover. These days, medical care is a basic necessity. Gone are the days when only food, clothes and shelter were the basic amenities. Due to increasing medical bills and risk of epidemics, even medical cover is necessary. If you work in an organizations which employs more than 20 employees, you are a part of ESI Scheme.

How will the ESIC Delhi help?

In case you need medical help someday, you need not worry. A part of your salary would contribute to ESI every month. And then finally, when you need medical care one day, you can claim the scheme.

However, you would need to fill up a declaration form. In this form, you declare clearly that you are ready to be a part of the ESIC scheme and every month, you would contribute a part of your salary to the scheme.

Who Controls ESI Scheme?

The ESIC, that is, Employees’ State Insurance Corporation controls the ESI scheme. Many employees, employers, regional and local authorities and even hospitals are a part of the ESIC.

You might have a query like where does all the find of the ESIC Delhi come from. Well, you yourself are the contributor of the fund. It works like this. You contribute a part of your salary. And your employer contributes a part of your salary. And this combined money goes to the ESI fund. Later on, you can claim this fund at the time of sickness.

There is a special factor here. For those employees who earn less than Rs. 100 per day, the ESI has special benefits. They need not contribute anything from their salary. This means that the employees’’ contribution is not taken from them. But, employer will still need to contribute for such employees.

Does ESIC Delhi covers Funeral Expenses as Well?

Yes. These days, even the funeral expenses are every high. However, to your relief, ESIC Delhi covers funeral expenses as well. In case of funeral claim, the claim money would be given to the eldest surviving family member.

To claim funeral expense, one must submit the required documents such as the declaration by the person claiming the expenses, the death certificate of the employee and a proof that the claimant is actually the eldest one in the family.

ESI is certainly a good move by the government. It will give the employees working in all the sectors a sense of protection. Whenever they fall sick, they would not worry about the medical bills. This in turn will produce healthier workforce. And a healthy workforce would bring in better productivity for sure.


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