ESIC Payment Procedure in Detail

The procedure for making ESIC payment is very easy. If you have net banking facility, it would be even easier. You can just open the bank’s website and pay your dues sitting at the comfort of your home. Here, in this article we are explaining how to make ESIC payment. Read on to know more.

Pre-Requisites for Making ESIC Payment

In order to make ESIC payment, make sure that you have below things handy. Otherwise, you would need to stop in the middle of the procedure to get these.

1.       Your bank user ID and password. Most of the times, you get these when you apply for a new account and net banking facility.

2.       ESIC user ID and password. If you are a contributor in ESIC, you would definitely have these credentials.

3.       Your laptop should have Mozilla Firefox 3.8 or above. IE 7.0 or above would also work in case you don’t have Firefox browser.

Steps to follow to make ESIC Payment

1.       First of all, you would need to go to the ESIC website.

2.       There, you have to log in using your ESIC credentials.

3.       Once you log in to the portal successfully, the next step is to view the “Online Monthly Contribution Screens”.

4.       You would get a preview of the contribution and if you think it is correct, click on the “submit” button.

5.       Then, you would get two options to make the payment. You can choose to pay online or go for “Create Challan” option.

Difference between the two Payment Options

Keep in mind that when you give the option to create challan, it would go into offline payment mode. And then, you would need to make the payment offline.

On the other hand, if you choose to pay online, the portal would redirect you to the net banking page. And there, you can login using your bank user id and password and make the pending payments. In case of online payment, the portal would generate a reference number for you immediately. Make a note of this number as it might come handy in future. And once your payment is complete, the portal will display a message of successful payment. You can print the page if you want. This would be for your own reference.

What is the Process for Online Challan Generation?

To make ESIC payment, you can also go for the option of online challan generation. For that, you would need to click on the link displaying “Generate Challan”. Then, a pop-up would appear. Here, you would need to select the employer. Make sure you choose it correctly. Then, enter the amount you want to pay. After that, click on “Submit”. You would get a message in the form of a pop-up. Click “OK” and proceed.

If you go for the challan option, make sure that you verify it by using the “Online Challan Double Verification” option. Here, you just have to enter the challan number and then verify it by clicking on the submit option.

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